Weather PWA

A web app that shows the weather depending on the city, state, or zipcode entered. It is a PWA which completes all the chrome lighthouse checks.

Posted by Praveen Chaudhary on 29 March 2021

Topics -> pwa, html, css, javascript, jquery, webdevelopment

Preview Link -> Portfolio With Gatsby
Source Code Link -> GitHub

What we are going to develop?

  1. Writing the service worker
  2. Integrating with webpage
  3. Fetching data from the API

Before moving ahead, we must aware of some concepts

Some Important Concepts

What is a PWA?

A progressive web application is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What is a Workbox?

Workbox is a library that bakes in a set of best practices and removes the boilerplate every developer writes when working with service workers.

What is a Service Worker

Service workers are scripts that run in the background in the user's browser, enabling such features as push notifications and background synchronization.

Step 1 -> Writing the service worker

We will use the workbox library from google i.e a ready to plug service server.

Make a service-worker.js file.


    ({request}) => request.destination === 'image',
    new workbox.strategies.NetworkFirst()

Step 2 -> Integrating with webpage.

It will run the service worker on load of website.

    if ("serviceWorker" in navigator) {

We will be using the OpenWeatherAPI to get the weather data of a city or state. Get your free API key here

const APIkey = "Enter your key";

$("#submit-button").click(function () {
var cityName = document.getElementById("weather-search").value;
    function (data, status) {
    document.getElementById("max-temp").innerText=data['main']['temp_max']+" F"
    document.getElementById("min-temp").innerText=data['main']['temp_max']+" F"


You can only deploy on personal website or deploy on github pages..

Web Preview / Output

web preview Web preview on deployment

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